Learn about the Stanley Cup in three minutes

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Learn about the Stanley Cup in three minutes

Established in 1893, the Stanley Cup is the National Hockey League's highest award, given to the league's winning team after each season's playoffs. The Stanley Cup is named after Frederick Stanley and honors his contributions to the game of hockey. The Stanley Cup is the oldest championship trophy in professional sports.Boston Bruins Tröjor 2023


How did the game evolve from an amateur game to the professional game that it is today, from its popularity to the formation of the Association? Take a three-minute tour of how the Stanley Cup was formed.


By 1877, hockey was already prevalent in Canada in Ontario, Quebec City, Kingston, Windsor City, and Nova Scotia.Billiga Ishockey Tröjor


In 1888, the Canadian Amateur Hockey Association was formed. At that time, Montreal had four teams, Ottawa had one and Quebec City had one.


In 1893, Sir Stanley, then Governor General of Canada, paid $50 for a silver cup for the league's champion, and this was called the Dominion Hockey Challenge Cup, better known as the Stanley Cup.


Throughout history, there have been many hockey leagues in Canada and the United States that evolved over the years to become the NHL of today.

The earliest hockey games were amateur competitions, and the original Stanley Cup was awarded to the winner of the best amateur team, and there was no such thing as a professional game. The earliest professional league appeared in 1904 in the United States under the name International Pro Hockey League.


In 1910, the National Hockey Association (NHA) emerged, mainly on the East Coast. In 1914, the champions of the two leagues began to play each other, and the team that won the championship was able to get the Stanley Cup.


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